Our rates

Standard Rates (per hour)

For larger works contact us for very competitive day rates*

Call out charge (engineer show up on-site) £60

Our Services                           Monday–Friday                 Saturday–Sunday
                                       7am–6pm    6pm–12am      7am–6pm    6pm–12am

Electrics                               £85.00        £110.00         £120.00     £150.00

Automatic engineer               £95.00        £120.00         £130.00    £180.00

Commercial Electrics             £85.00        £110.00         £120.00     £150.00

Plumbing                              £95.00        £110.00         £120.00    £140.00

Heating & Gas                      £95.00        £120.00         £130.00     £160.00

Commercial Heating & Gas    £140.00       £180.00         £180.00     £190.00

Air Conditioning                    £95.00        £120.00         £130.00     £140.00

Combined Boiler Service & Gas Safety Certificate**    £150.00* 

Appliance Disposal (per item)    £80.00*

*Fixed price   **Excludes Commercial Heating & Gas

* All prices plus VAT

Boiler Service or Gas Safety Certificate**    £100.00*

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Additional Information:
* 1 hour minimum charge on hourly rate work, then in 30 minutes units
* Payment must be made in full upon receipt of invoice by credit/debit card (our chip & pin machines provide a secure method) or cash
* Estimates are generally non-chargeable, but some may incur a charge depending on the nature of the work, time, and location. 
* Fixed Prices (*) are subject to VAT and can be provided either verbally or in writing upon request before work commences
* Commercial Boiler & Gas Safety certificates are charged at Commercial & Gas hourly Rates
* Materials are charged at Trade Prices plus a 25% mark up and are subject to VAT
* Material collection for non-stock items is kept to a minimum and will not exceed 45 minutes of the current hourly rate for that trade
* Invoices are digital (hard copy available upon request) and show a full description of works including times and a full breakdown of labour and materials
* Insurance Reports are charged at a nominal £50 plus VAT which is redeemable against the future work
* We do not surcharge for credit card payments
* Payment Methods
* Cash payments to be made directly to the engineer
* Credit/debit cards we accept the following: